1 doz. yellow TICONDEROGA BRAND pencils (these sharpen best and last the longest)

2 bottles of ELMER'S BRAND white glue

1- 3 or 4 count package of glue sticks

3 large PINK erasers

2 -24 count boxes of crayons

2 FAMILY SIZE boxes of Kleenex

2 black and white composition books   (one for class and one for Spanish)

3 PLASTIC pocket folders  (paper rips apart the first month)-2 red, 1 green,

1 -10 or 12 count package of  THIN POINT DRY ERASE MARKERS
(EXPO work best and last a month ..thus the 10 pack.  These are often on sale in Staples....Please do not buy Dollar Store ones ...they only last a week. You will be spending more money to replace them than if you just bought the Expo to begin with.

1 carton of Lysol or Clorox wipes

$10 for special projects throughout the year

Please send no other pencil boxes, binders, spiral notebooks, markers, etc. We do not use them and they will be sent home.

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